Sacred Heart Catholic Church, St. Yves Mission, and the Packwood Catholic Community
are part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, South Sound Deanery in Western Washington State, USA.
Please, join us for worship. Our schedule of services is below.
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Sacraments and vision statement,

Who we are,

Where we are, area description, map,

Parish map compared to Deanery map.

Links to other parishes.

The Road to the Parish from Yakima

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Some of the better ones are listed below.

Why visit?

East Lewis County Recreational opportunities

Pacific Northwest Region

Parish Volcanoes: Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens

History of the Catholic People on the Upper Cowlitz River.

Views of the City of Morton, WA.

Our Parish Site contains a large amount of material on Prayer.
Some of the pages are given below, but Awaken to Prayer is the main place to start.

Awaken to Prayer: A detailed introduction on how to pray as a Catholic.
Meditations: Art as a Source of Meditation and Thought.

Stations of the Cross (frames)

Prayer without Ceasing

St. Alphonsus de Liguori spiritual texts

A Short Catechism on Prayer

Prayer for Priests - Prayer for faithfulness to religion.. Start a Prayer Chain.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

There is additional material on Catholic belief and practice and Some Elements of Basic Belief.


Prayer for Refugees | Family Prayers
Help the Poor | Scripture on Almsgiving | Giving Alms Required | Obedience | Types of Sin
Virtue | Grace | Chief Commandments: love | Christian self love | Sacred Images | Fasting
Incense | Holy Water | Pray with the Saints | Church Bells | Vestments | Holy Oils | Candles
Matthew Mark and Luke: list of contents by section with links to text.
Bible Passages on Mary, the Mother of God | Scritural Meditation on Death and last things.
The Parables of Jesus | The Miracles of Jesus | Bible Passages on Prayer | Abraham's Story
Pray as the Master Taught | Repent and believe the Good News
The Assumption of Mary by John Henry Newman | Prayers for Peace


St. Gregory Station (Packwood Community)........5:00 PM Saturday from March through October, and 4:00 PM on Saturday in November through February, at the Packwood Presbyterian Church.
St. Yves Mission...................8:30 AM Sunday, Highway 122 (Harmony Rd.)
Sacred Heart Church..............10:45 AM Sunday, 7th & Adams in Morton.

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
11:30 AM Saturday at Sacred Heart, or on request.

Sacrament of the Sick: Every Fifth Sunday at mass, or on request.

RCIA program starts in the fall of each year.
Infant baptism at Sunday mass upon request and with preparation.
Weddings: Contact the parish office at least six months before any proposed date.  If someone has been married before, no date will be accepted until the Tribunal declares that he or she is free to marry.
People who need help in Western Washington State should contact Catholic Community Services. The parish operates the Morton area food bank, the Pastor's Pantry. Poverty and underemployment are serious issues in our area. See the Catholic Northwest Progress story on the Pantry and its grant from the Rice Bowl.

Vision Statement

We the members of the East Lewis County Catholic communities, are a faithful, loving, caring, spirit filled, sacramental community. We are a family strengthened by love and prayer, praising God through devotion, song and action. We seek to do Jesus Christ's mission by being gifted peacemakers in our homes, communities and world. We welcome the new, the wandering, the poor and the unloved. As a Spirit filled community we seek a deeper more personal relationship with Jesus Christ as we strive to spread the Good news of the gospel.

Who we are.

St. YvesSt. Yves Church built in 1914 was served by the Franciscan priest of the Cowlitz Mission, Toledo, until 1968 when it became a mission of the new Sacred Heart Parish in Morton. In February 1989 this picturesque church overlooking Mayfield Lake was lost in a fire. On May 9, 1993 Archbishop Thomas Murphy blessed and dedicated the new St. Yves Church pictured here. To see a larger image of St. Yves, and the interior, click here or on photograph.

If you are heading east on Highway 12, you will pass the DeGoede Bulb farm after Silver Creek, but before Mossyrock. St. Yves is near Mossyrock, where the blinking yellow light is on Highway 12. Go north on 122 (a.k.a. Harmony Rd.) about a mile(map). Ike Kinswa state park is about a mile further north.


Sacred Heart ChurchIn 1919 Sacred Heart Catholic Church was built in Mineral and served the community until 1929. In 1922 Sacred Heart Mission was established in Morton, as a mission of St. John of the Woods, Tacoma, until 1968 when it become a parish with a resident pastor. The present building was dedicated on Palm Sunday, April 7, 1963 by Archbishop Thomas Connally. You can see how the interior of the church appeared when built, along with Fr. Prouty who built it. It looks very much the same today. Full view of facility.

Sacred Heart is at 7th and Adams in Morton. (Map.)
lPresbyterian Church
In 1968 The Packwood Mass Station was established to serve the year round residents of Packwood, as well as skiers and summer visitors. The Packwood Catholic Community celebrates Eucharist in the Presbyterian Church which is located just as you enter Packwood from the east. If coming from the west, go through Packwood. When you pass the Ranger Station (at Snyder Rd.) watch to your right for the church. (Click on the photo or here to see how it looked when built and now.) The Archbishop approved St. Gregory the Wonderworker as patron of this community.
For much more on who we are,
look at the History of the Catholic People of the Upper Cowlitz River. Also:
Where we are plus a Map and Recreation in our Parish.
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The Archdiocese maintains a list of the mass schedules for our parishes. 
Lists of other Catholic Parishes
South Sound Deanery, of the Archdiocese of Seattle,
RCNet Diocesan Directory,
International Listings

Christus Rex,

Catholic Church of Europe

Canadian Catholic Conference Also check out The Vatican.

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The photographs of St. Yves and Sacred Heart are by Loren Lane, and are used with permission. All rights reserved.

"All the damned have been lost by not praying; had they prayed, they would not have been lost." St. Alphonsus. See, Catechism of the Catholic Church sec. 2744. And Admonitions.
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